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Facebook Marketing: 10 Must-Know Secrets to Make Your Business Stand Out

Jul 21, 2020 | Digital Marketing

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If you are a business owner and are looking to stand out from the crowd, it is imperative that you maximize the power of Facebook in order to engage with your audience. Facebook marketing is a crucial component of your overall Digital Marketing strategy, especially if you want to stay competitive both in your local market as well as regionally or nationally. Whether you have a large budget or no budget at all, if properly leveraged, Facebook gives you access to 2.23 billion monthly users, it’s up to you to be creative and find ways to connect with them.

There’s no doubt that Facebook is the largest social networking site connecting people all around the globe. Facebook is the best platform for reaching a much larger audience, and with these marketing tips, you’ll be on your way to crushing your competitors, even with a low budget. Let’s dive in to explore how!

1. Research & Identify Your Target Market with Purposeful Facebook Content

Don’t just post everything you like; instead, be strategic. Your posts should have a purpose behind them. Take your time to think about what you’re posting, why you’re posting it, who are you trying to reach, and what feeling do you want your audience to get when they see your post. You should be mindful of everything you are posting and be aware of the reason why you are posting and what impact will it have on your followers. Use your competitors to your advantage, you can get a quick check on they’re posting about to see the most attention-seeking content that you can incorporate into your posting strategy.


2. Boost Your Facebook Page with Facebook Marketing

Your Facebook page should contain your company information. These days’ people are looking to Facebook to find local business and perform brand research. Once your business information is present on your page, users can easily click on your information to call or visit your website.
Pro Tip: You may use a trackable number, such as Google voice; in this way, you may track the calls that are coming from your Facebook page.

3. When it’s about Facebook Marketing Use Facebook Story Feature Smartly

If you’re worried about audience engagement, then you should definitely be using Facebook’s story feature. It’s a very casual way to engage with your target audience; moreover, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your business in a digestible way. The feature will cost you nothing but will provide opportunities to interact with your audience in the form of short videos, polls, Q/A sessions, and much more.

4. A Video Cover to Showcase Your Business is a Great Facebook Marketing Technique

People usually use a basic business logo or a picture for their cover. If possible, post a video cover instead. Are you wondering what to add in this video? Well, make short clips of recent events, customer interactions, a video of your overall business, happy employees, and other videos like these. In this way, you will showcase your brand and business culture in an attractive manner.

5. Track Posts using a content Calendar

While doing Facebook marketing, you can easily save time on your postings using a content calendar. It helps you plan ahead of your postings, what you’ll post and when. Plan ahead a little bit, do your research, and use something like Google calendar to schedule set your content calendar of what you will post for the next month or so. If you want to take this one step further, there are tools in which you can not only plan your posts, but you can also create them ahead of time so that they are automatically posted according to your posting schedule. In this way, all you need to is monitor, engage, and respond to your audience’s comments.

6. Be Casual by Going Live On Facebook

The fact is that your audience really enjoys the live sessions where you can have a casual talk with them. Being live is never scripted; you just have to keep in mind the general idea that you want to cover. This actually gives them a glimpse of behind the scenes of your business and who you are. According to the social media channel’s newsroom, people are three times more prone to watch a live video than a video that’s no longer live.

7. Avoid Text, Instead Post Visual Content

Include visual content in your content posting strategy as much as possible. People are less likely to read text or visit link, sometimes they avoid them like the plague. Visual content captures their attention and is proven to provide four times more audience engagement than just text. Visual content also increases the likelihood of your content being shared, which means your content will reach a larger audience.

8. Create Custom Audiences to Better Optimize Ads and Posts

Having a budget to run ads on Facebook is great, but it is imperative to also have and follow an effective strategy to present your post in front of the right audience. You can easily create a customized based on:

  1. The subscribers of your newsletter
  2. People who watch your video entirely or halfway through.
  3. People visiting your page and getting engaged
  4. Those who visit your website and browse different pages
  5. The friends of your audiences who liked or get engaged with your page
  6. People who have made a purchase

The possibilities are seemingly endless. Custom audiences allow you to connect with more leads and customers.

9. Use of Facebook Product Catalog For Greater Product Discovery

The use of Facebook product catalog lets you create a rich browsing experience for shoppers, which encourages increased product discovery and engagement, says Kevin Simonson, CEO of Metric Digital. Product catalogs allows you to add items and update your inventory, manage item information, create collections to feature for customers, among other features. Catalogs provide you with additional options for creating ads and is also a great tool for dynamic retargeting of customers.

10. Measure Your Success

Be sure to measure the efforts that you are putting towards your Facebook marketing. Take the time to review your Facebook marketing insights and check the performance of your posts in order to continuously adjust and improve your strategy. Consistent effort is required in order to stand out in front of your competitors.



These are a few quick and easy Facebook marketing tips that can help improve the way you engage with your audience, attract a higher number of customers, and increase your audience and reach over time. Showcasing your business with Facebook stories and a video cover can also be an amazingly effective marketing strategy for capturing your audiences attention. It takes time to get the hang of it, but with a little time and effort, there’s no doubt you can be successful, stand out as a leader in your industry, and conquer your competitors. Good luck!

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